My Latest To-Do List

… or more like, Just Fucking Finish it Already!

1. Kimmy’s Turtle (ok, so it’s taken me over 2 years. I promise to finish it soon)
    Done, 07.02.12. Yippee!!  

2. Monkey (everything is done, just needs to be put together and a face)
    Done, 07.17.12 Yay!! 

3. Poo (needs a face)
    Oops, have to start over. 07.17.12 

4. Heart (I promise to keep this last one away from the dogs. ;-p)

5. Bib (first real knitting project and now I have someone to give it to, right Georgie?)

Any bets on which project will be completed this year? 

— 2 years ago